Faith Street Corner Tavern

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The film that was bannd by Hollywood 

Noted director Jon Turteltaub wrote:

                       "Overall, I would say that this is a beautiful piece of cinema. This film is gorgeous, bold, and beyond unique.  I can say that the songs are incredible.  They're really are.  And they aren't over played or over used.  They don't go on and on.  They were exceptional... and your delivery of these songs is very powerful.  I don't feel I have anything to contribute except my genuine respect and amazement at the beauty you've created.  Peter is so seductive on screen and it's hard to take your eyes off him.  And the lighting and locations are all so impressive and stunning.  It's very special."

Jon Turteltaub 

Hi David,

What an incredible piece of art you have created. Really David, it is an amazing thing you have done. Visually it is stunning. The images stay with you. Your songs are so much a part of the story and your lyrics and delivery are pure poetry. Words don't do the film justice. It is transcendental, haunting. sad, happy, hopeful, metaphysical and a whole new art form. I am blown away. You have taken all of your gifts and woven them into a new paradigm of creativity. Phenomenal my friend. Terrence Malick wishes he had a fraction of the brilliance you display in the way you created this masterpiece. I only hope I can be involved in some way in future projects. I still want you to help me do a video.

Once again David, congratulations. You have done something really special.

Jesse Barish- singer song writer 

                                                                                                                "Count on me" 

Francesco and I just screened an amazing movie Faith Street Corner Tavern, made by artist, David Paul, which I feel is truly, a masterpiece that rivals celebrity filmmakers of the 21st century.   A new art form of storytelling is born through visual, linguistic and musical poetry with purpose.  Visually gorgeous, profoundly moving and awe inspiring. 


I am honored that you shared the pre-release of Faith Street Corner Tavern with me. I watched it immediately late last night.

You ARE the alchemist! It's an absolute masterpiece! Pure inspired genius. I cried as you so eloquently conveyed what Faith Street Corner Tavern was really about. It was a moment of self-discovery for me, and will be for audiences alike.

On the creative and technical side... Gorgeous imagery, transitions, fantastic mix and the music... Well, let me just say that it's one of the best scores I have ever heard.

Thank you for a beautiful film and for the message of Light and Love that is truly needed for all of mankind. We are going to see and hear a lot more from You, Sweetie Petie and Faith Street in the days and weeks ahead.

This film is huge. Different. Profound. In some ways, it may be too big a film for people to digest all at once. No matter what happens, keep your head and your heart intact. It will find its way.

Kudos to all involved. I can't wait to share it with my family & friends. Until then, my heart soars like a hawk. cinema

My Best,


These two videos have about 30 seconds of each song that is on the sound track of Faith Street.... A lot of the footage used in these two videos are not in the film.   I just put this together so you can find the song you like and down load them on i tunes or you can buy the full CD on this site. If you click on music at the top you can listen to the entire song or if you choose to buy the entire album that comes with a full color 28 page booklet  with pictures and the lyrics to all of the songs. 

Paul Lupi Producer- 

    To me this film is like the Mona Lisa, and it will be a travesty if it is not seen my millions of people around the world. It is a new age masterpiece, and movie goers will be discussing it's value for many years to come. I really don't believe it has any comparables, and that is how good it really is. It also looks like a film that cost millions of dollars.

     David Paul is a wonderful director, and his photography and mastery of light is unbelievable. My brother, Daniel Lupi, is acclaimed Director, Paul Thomas Anderson's, main producer, and I remind friends that " Daniel has PT Anderson in his corner, and I have David Paul...and I like my hand". Again I encourage everybody to see Faith Street Corner Tavern, because it is a once in a lifetime experience!

Art from Faith Street can be purchased on this site

Faith Streets  Church 

Faith Street Corner Tavern based on a true story.

Peter Palpin

Stars in Faith Street Corner Tavern, Just the skin the One and Only jumps in!


The Great dane Cowboy is amazing in this film, always in the right place at the right time represent God. 


You have blown my mind …..Once again your vision exceeds the greatest minds of our modern world……….your best work ever !

Bravo for telling the your very real story………..

Magician’s take reality and spin illusion to deceive and trick the Mind,   David you take reality and find it’s  illusive beauty “every time” and spin

It into a Visual treat for everyone’s Mind.

Amazing………..So proud to know you !

Harold Sweet

 Head of Sammys Camara Rentals in LA the best eye money can't buy

The face of Faith Street Poster for sale here

In the film itself is this poster or post card that nature sends through wind and water to spread the news of Faith Street Corner Tavern.  I then took this poster and hung it in an old window and put it in my truck when ever I came across a location I saw fit i took the window frame out and shot "THE ART OF FAITH STREET"   That will also be used as street art all over the world and you can purchase any size print click at the top of the site on Photo Gallery

Dear David,

I have to tell you---THAT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN.  You have such an eye.  It’s fabulous.

The deadlines for Sedona had passed when I received the movie but let’s get it in next year. They will totally LOVE it.  You, my dear, are an artist.

Love, Cie Scott